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Tattoo "XO" best friend matching tattoo

74 Matching Tattoo Ideas To Share With Someone You Love

xoxo best friend tattoo idea love it my best friend and I could get these we have been looking for bestie tats

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a little smaller and on my collar bone

Cute w/o the pink bow! Don't get me wrong I LOVE pink bows,but not on this key!

One of the most meaningful tattoos I have ever seen…brought tears to my eyes :'(

One of the most meaningful tattoos I have ever seen…

"Dad's last 3 heartbeats…" Wow. This is probably one of the most meaningful tattoos I have ever seen - Would also work for baby's first heart beats.

Bff tattoos Mari

Check Out 30 Best Friend Tattoos Ideas. If choosing a tattoo has to be special because you will have it for the rest of your life, choosing a best friend and best friend tattoos ideas for each other is also the same.

Tattoo Idea!- save for 13 years and hope my kid still likes me-lol

"I got these a couple months ago for my parents who passed away when I was in high school. Its exact copies of their handwriting from birthday cards. I absolutely love them". If I ever get a tattoo, something like this from my dad what a sweet idea.