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Quote: "The perfect hideout is inside a book.

used Feb 2018

used Feb 2018

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21 Signs You’re Suffering From A Book Hangover. This definitely happens to me. It was particularly depressing when I finished Harry Potter.

I live for that feeling, some kids are doing drugs and getting high, I'm walking in and out of barnes and noble over and over again.

*Can't wait to stop in at my favorite bookshop today for Holiday shopping:)! 'Hello,Hello Books' in Rockland,Maine

Books.... Love the Sam from iCarly quote. I remember that episode.. and she actually decided she liked books! haha!

I am a fangirl and a reader

I ♥ レ O √ 乇 ♥ Books!!

“Wishing you could unread a book so you could read it again for the first time.” Only all the time. It's the same with movies for me. Or really listening to an amazing song for the first time.

It's always better to have too much to read than not enough

I’ll never finish reading it all!


quote by Lewis Buzbee

book addict. « Non, rien de rien... »

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The only BS I need in my life is Book Stores.

The only BS I need in my life is Book Stories.

When I get that feeling, I am in Crazytown. It means I have not read in a VERY long time.


Some of them, some of the old books, are like old friends. And there is nothing more comforting than an old friend.

Happiest. Person. Ever.

Seriously though, I would love a job where I got paid to read books! Please anyone tell me where to apply! If I could be paid to read books, I think I would die happy.


So true. "If you walk a mile in my shoes, you'll end up at the bookstore.

If a book is well written I always find it too short

Jane Austen quote--well written books are always too short

Yep.  The morning after you stayed up way past your bedtime finishing a book and you want to talk to everyone about it, because obviously they were reading/living it too, right?

I love to read ♥ - but. I am a nerd. I am Queen of the nerds.) OK, I am Khaleesi and you better won't wake up the Dragon ;