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Science beats religion, religion eats chicken Science you bitches


Faith is often the boast of the man who is too lazy to investigate.


Request for Jon Stewart to host a presidential debate.--------GO JON GO!

Welcome to the club of behaving ethically without the reward of heaven or the threat of hell!

« You are going to pay for insulting the Prophet »

Faith, by definition, is belief without evidence. Religion (which requires faith) is seen by most as a good source of morality.

You mean to tell me ALL other religions are completely wrong and yours is the only one that is right? Hmmm......

ReligiON ReligOFF

Dismiss scientology as a cult of greed and power and nobody bats an eye. Say the same about Christianity and everyone loses their minds.

Quit being a baby and grow up!

Saying "Christianity is 20 gallons of stupid in a 10 gallon sack " is insulting your religion. Quit whining & learn the difference.

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RELIGION is a story to make us feel better, YOUR narcasistic or psychopathic partner is telling you a atory to make you feel like disobeying him/ Her will cause hell to break out. If they want to act like the devil, means you get to leave.

Stephen Fry on God (worth reading)

Stephen Fry on God (worth reading)

Stephen Fry on god. This was a fantastic interview and the god botherer in the purple tie didn't like it one bit.