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Mango tree, in Suriname

Dwarf Mango trees, Mangifera indica, are a great choice for edible tropical and subtropical gardens where space is limited.

My mangos are just starting to flower (2/14) and I am hoping for a good harvest in July.  NaplesBestAddresses.com.

Mangoes for PNG farmers

you can do personal farms or commercial for restaurants. some habitat is closer to wild

Mango. "En mi tierra los mangos son tan fértiles q se te sube la presión de lo dulce q están" -Alex-

Palm trees, scientifically known as Arecaceae or Palmae, are trees belonging to a family of monocot flowering plants. There are approximately different species of palm trees, the majority of which are native to tropical or subtr

Growing mangos: Mangoes are a strictly tropical fruit. They love the tropics. The best climate to grow mangoes is frost free, with cool, dry winters and steamy, hot summers. Mangoes like growing in light and free draining soils, they don't need rich soil. You actually get the best crops on soils of somewhat lower fertility.

Learn how to grow mangoes, whether they come from a nursery or your own seed. Yes, growing mango trees from seed is easier than you may think.

papaya tree  http://etawau.com/Agriculture/Fruits/Papaya/Papaya_Tree.jpg

I chose this picture because papaya trees are the best trees in Vietnam.

Mango tree

Mangifera indica: Indian Mangos on a tree

Pistachio tree

Unripe pistachios on a tree in Prusch park, San Jose --pistachio trees are my favorite