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What the extravert calls human is just “all too human” for the introvert. What the introvert calls human is airy and gaseous for the other. ~Carl Jung, Hans Schmid Guisan Letters, Pages

Filled fresh

Filled fresh

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I may be a "Little Owl", but don't mess with me. I'm a Wild Bird. Little Owl by Tony House

funny eagle

Funny pictures about Sassy Hawk. Oh, and cool pics about Sassy Hawk. Also, Sassy Hawk.

Blue Footed Boobies

Sometimes, nature is just awesome. This is a real bird, and it's called a Blue-Footed Boobie. I have loves Blue-Footed Boobies for years! They are sooo cool!

funny caption picture mother bird stepping on one baby to feed other favoritism it sucks

Animal motivational posters let you enjoy the light and dark sides of your favorite furry friends. Find and share your favorite funny animal posters today!

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Funny pictures about The original angry bird. Oh, and cool pics about The original angry bird. Also, The original angry bird photos.


A curious squirrel investigating a bird house. Note the bird waiting for the squirrel to vacate the premises! Where The Wild Things Are

Funny pictures about Angry Birds In Real Life. Oh, and cool pics about Angry Birds In Real Life. Also, Angry Birds In Real Life photos.