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Natura Futura Architecture designs a screen to surround a home’s courtyard December 2014 Natura Futura Architecture have designed a screen that encloses the entrance to the courtyard in front of this home in Babahoyo, Ecuador.

Natura Futura Architecture designed a screen to surround a home’s courtyard in Babhoyo, Ecuador

Image 3 of 16 from gallery of Infinita House / Natura Futura Arquitectura. Photograph by José Gómez

Confignon House,© Mathieu Gafsou

Gallery of Confignon House / LOCALARCHITECTURE - 9

Built by LOCALARCHITECTURE in Confignon, Switzerland with date Images by Mathieu Gafsou. Located on an elongated plot, the new dwelling occupies the totality of the constructible area.

tumblr_mz1ip0d16B1r316wko1_500.jpg 500×747 pixels

Nicky Zwaan & Joris Brouwers, Artists / Amsterdam, The Netherlands, photo by Jordi Huisman.Courtesy of Freunde von Freunden: Friends.

House in Salineiras / RVdM Arquitectos

House in Salineiras / RVdM Arquitectos

Completed in 2013 in Aveiro, PortugalFour by ten meters – the dimension of the plot. In a narrow plot, on the Beira-mar district, in Salineiras Street, the house had to face north.

Casa Paracaima by DCPP arquitectos

Paracaima House / Dcpp Arquitectos

Love this house! The Cube / Make Architects M House / D.G Architects Casa Paracaima in Mexico City by DCPP arquitectos Ion Popusoi + Bogda.

Casa DATRI & DASA by mavarq 23

DATRI & DASA Homes by [mavarq] December 2014 [mavarq] have designed a two-home complex located in the city of Tepeji del Rio, Hidalgo, a 45 minute drive from Mexico City.

Vazio sa Cerrado House [Brazil].

Vazio sa Cerrado House [Brazil].

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