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simon & clary

don't forget to smile - real chinese food

❝ I might be enjoying this too much. ❞

our brains are proper weird

i wear glasses and this is my frequent act. if i ever take such photo, my side-face should be shown

Secrets Of Young Professionals: 6 Ways To Find Your Path To Success Post-College

our brains are proper weird

Simple Star of David Necklace - leahandkate

The Star Wars marathon at ISD were intense. Everything was argued over: what order to watch, whether the cartoons should be included, what was cannon.

I thank my best friend Alyssa for getting me into Star Wars

↠we are the blessings of heaven↞

Oikawa (A Shadowhunter turned Vampire, bitten in the same attack as Kageyama, he tried to protect his young partner.

14 DIYs That Will Remind You of Your Childhood | Rock Candy | Her Campus | http://www.hercampus.com/diy/14-diys-will-remind-you-your-childhood

14 DIYs That Will Remind You of Your Childhood

DIY pastel rock candy- fun and easy to make for a birthday party or kid's party!

Cup O Noodles food yummy hand fork soup

"The fries at the bottom of the bag is the reason why I'm alive still. "-Rome

Cold and crunchy, the leftover fries rattled about in the paper bag.

~ sometimes i just wanna paint in peace but i don't wanna be rude and tell people to leave me alone

our brains are proper weird