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Canadian epicness. Every Wednesday me, my mom and my brother would pile onto the couch to watch this genius show. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiike! The TV!

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"Three years into a Computer Science degree and I am still upset this isn't how computers work"

im totally obsessing...

I've been wanting a Mexican sugar skull tat for a while now. I'm torn about where to put it, though. --Do these three things and make money every time.


Dinosaurs the TV show was the best thing ever ! I use to watch this all the time as a kid !

Captain N the Game Master

So, sticking to the theme of DiC Nintendo-based cartoon series, I might as well hit on the non-Mario member of the group. That would be a little series called "Captain N: The Game Master".

Tsovinar ("Nar of the Sea") is the Goddess of rain, sea and water. She was a fire creature, who forced the rain and hail to fall from the heavens with her fury.

Clota is the popular Scottish Goddess of the River Clyde. In England she was called Clud and Cludoita, and in Wales, Clwyd. The waters over which she ruled were believed to be especially useful in controlling seizures.