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Greek and Roman religion have very similar qualities. Both religions are polytheistic and even share the same Gods. Mall amounts of sacrifice and needed to get in contact with Gods to ask them a favor. Gods are often included in many Greek and Roman legends that tell great life lessons and not to go against the Gods. Roman Gods are a bit more barbarous then Greek a Gods and and are upstaged in powers and their aspects due to Rome having a different intake from the gods then the Greeks.

Which Greek God Are You?

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this is more of a home decor than altered book--- by Ron Pippin
Skyphos, coupe de Boscoréale : triomphe de Tibère et scène de préparation d'un sacrifice | Aprés restauration, face A
Lucilla as Ceres, Musee national du Bardo 150-200 AD
Ancient Roman Hekateion; a triple-bodied depiction of Hekate with the goddess's torch attribute. (Metropolitan Museum)
Kybele met leeuw en tamboerijn

Voorbereiding Sjamanisme voor Vrouwen