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My heart! Any Spamano like this before ever. And knowing Romano, and the fact that it's him sleeping, makes even cuter

Hetalia Sweden and Finland Headcannon

Hetalia Sweden and Finland Headcannon

FACE family. Awww ain't Canada cute? aaaaaaaaaaaaaand... I died of cuteness!

/Axis Powers: Hetalia/ - Zerochan - canada isn't alone I think I'm dying from cuteness! Excuse me while I go cry from happiness and sadness

Gerita- Christmas *Fangirls to death*

Gerita- Christmas *Fangirls to death* <<< Nah, it's just fangirl death. Because any Gerita fan would fangirl/boy to death. So it's just fangirl death

Sweden and Finland and Sealand 5

Hetalia - Finland, Sweden and Sealand : Swing Problems Part

Just another day in the nordic household tbh.... Did I even do that right? I still don't understand this stuff....

Gakuen Hetalia - Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland : The Kiss >>> Poor Denmark :D :D