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Rough&Ready Topseat on concrete base

Contemporary wooden public bench ROUGH&READY: TOPSEATS Streetlife - These look beautiful but could life be easier for the people that clean them?

An entry from Coffee & Blueprints

“ STAN ALLEN DIAGRAMS OF FIELD CONDITIONS, 1996 “All grids are fields, but not all fields are grids. One of the potentials of the field is to redefine the relation between figure and ground. If we think of the figure not as a demarcated object read.

WATER ECONOMIES 2009-10 - LATERAL OFFICE Mason White + Lola Sheppard

I chose this image because I think that Lateral Office, who produced the diagram, does a great job of locating discrete, small interventions, within a larger system.

Josep Mias - Old-town public space renovation, Banyoles 2012

Josep Mias - Old-town public space renovation, Banyoles 2012 - Carved pools collect water as well as sediment for plant growth -- also provide seating.