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Just two American guys, being two American dudes.... - Zach Ryan

Just two American guys, being two American dudes.

The Look | Chubbies Shorts

The Look

Sky's out, thighs out. Fellas If you shorts are more than inches above the knees theres a problem.

Summer is for preppies

I like this short style for the monkeys, but I'm thinking with purple polo shirts


Our go-to would be a day full of sun, sand & spas!

Google Image Result for http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-evseomI8-Is/Tr6jkPaeaMI/AAAAAAAAA5A/PkXrpV-OTR4/s1600/lauren.png

Fashion Influential #47: Ralph Lauren

Preppy Ivy league style by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Prep Life

Ralph Lauren Stars and Stripes Jumper.

wonderfully casual -- unbutton top button and slightly loosen tie, and have "bed head" hair.

guy style - Cashmere Half-Zip Sweater by J.

THIS is how you do preppy. Great fit, accessories, and NO boat shoes. Unlike the ubiquitous baggy pastels and sloppy, tucked in shirts.

simple summer blue barracuda jacket, white shorts, light blue poplin button down navy blue shorts, light blue button down, grey sweater

Colores pasteles

vineyardvines: With special guest: Freddy the Bulldog

stepupyourprep:  Golfing with my favorite boys!

stepupyourprep: findmedownsouth: stepupyourprep: Golfing with my favorite boys! Be careful, you may pop a blood vessel trying that hard.