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Liu Xiaodong: Hometown Boy Exhibited Again at Eslite Gallery Taipei

Liu Xiaodong (b1963, Jincheng, Liaoning Province, China). He now holds tenure as a professor in the painting department at CAFA

The scale and lighting of the prominent figures draws attention to the surrounding space even if surrounding objects are out of focus.[Commentary by Mick Seppala]. Liu Xiaodong "Shu Jun With His Chubby Son" oil on canvas,

Celebration in the Kholui Settlement  Semon Aronovich Rotnitski 1915

Celebration in the Kholui Settlement 1962 Painting | Semon Aronovich Rotnitski 1915 | Oil Painting Reproduction

Nick Patten

Nick Patten - notice how Edward Hopper managed to instil life in his lonley rooms, I don't think Patten does despite lovely artwork