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My fair lady

Things Musicals Taught Me- its Actually The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain, my fair lady

You really can’t order all this with no intention of paying. | 17 Ways "Rent" Lied To You About Life

You really can't order all this with no intention of paying.

Pro tip: Avoid paying several years' worth of rent by singing loudly about it.

You don't understand. If you knew exactly how much I listened to music and I made you listen to it as much as I do, you would probably be annoyed and turn it off and not listen to music for a good few hours or even until the next day

They never understand

Music is my fucking life<---I'm on the same level. Music is like breathing for me, I need it.

This just hit me really hard... I might be in another production of Annie but it won't be the same it won't have the same choreography... And that goes with everything

It is kinda depressing. I may or may not have bawled on closing night of Everybody Nose.