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Tazza 2: The Hidden Card

20 K-drama stars who were ridiculously adorable children

bigbang muppets

What BIGBANG Would Look Like As Muppets

BigBang meets Sesame Street hahaha my 7 year old got all indignant at the suggestion for Gdragon Fangirling, starts early these day (Top Bigbang Funny)

not sure if thee HANDSOME would do his hair like this!

Choi Seunghyun a. T.O.P. - The hitman. Right-hand man of the dragon. The colour of his bullets fitting his hair colour - a present from his boss.


T.O.P - Guys I'm trying to stopping pinning pictures of gorgeous Korean men, but I can't.

*Choi Minho laughing*

True Katy you forgot Shakalaka!Wait a minute you didn't sang Fantastic baby ?