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Oooops. Did I say that out loud?

Brew & Stew (kittens) just chased that alligator away. I ran up the tree cuz I was scared! (BTW - Check out Animal Planet/Discover Channel for the video clip. Cat chases alligator away.

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! Read about five ways you can help celebrate. http://blog.nwf.org/2012/01/squirrel-appreciation-day-is-january-21st-5-ways-to-go-nuts-for-squirrels/

OH, HAI! A tree squirrel pauses to pose for a picture while climbing a tree in front of the White House, Washington, DC.

Where do squirrels sleep? How do they sleep? It is commonly known that these animals are very active during the day and get their rest during the night.

Sleeping Habits of The Squirrels and Their Common Nests

We all love squirrels; they are cute, furry and funny and they make hilarious memes. So here are a few very funny Squirrel memes to put a smile on your face.


These adorable baby red squirrels seem to be sharing a kiss while hiding in a tree. The cute animals gave each other an affectionate peck while on a branch five .

Photographer Max Ellis has delivered some amazingly closeup shots of these knuckleheads, as seen on Bored Panda. [I don’t know why U won’t launch.] [I DO wish they’d make these Ca…

Squirrels take part in a nutty magic trick. Photographer Max places his self-made stages in his garden in Teddington, London, and then waits hours - and sometimes days - for his subjects to get into the exact position to capture his shot

Rock-a-bye Baby, in the tree tops. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock...what a sweet picture of Mama squirrel and her little one!

I love pictures of mamma squirrels with their tiny, bald, sweet babies!