Simply Stoked: Crochet Granny Ripple Afgan

Crochet Granny Ripple Afghan love the colors and look - so pretty. This is similar to one I am doing - the greens and blues. I love how the colors wave.

How to make top from hexagons courtesy of

I started to crochet hexagons for my daughter’s vest without an idea how I will join them to make a vest. I thought, I will crochet some hexagons and I will try to join them somehow. Sadly, t…

The Rectangle Granny...great for making a nice blanket for the bed.

How to Make a Rectangle Granny-simple pattern to read. i added more chains to begin with to make bigger blanket. add more chains in sets of 3 to make blanket bigger than baby blanket.

Величина шестоугаоника одредиће и величину тунике. Мерите, пробајте, истражујте. Понекад су спојеви лепши од самог мотива. Срећно кукичање! ~~~~ Hexagon size will determine the size of tunic. Measure, try, explore. Sometimes the joints are more beautiful than the motive. Happy crocheting!

Schemes: how to join crochet triangular parts/granny squares/hexagons/rounds for a nice garment