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One crashed on test flight after being hit by an fighter plane that was taking publicity photos for General Electric who made the Valkyries engines. The project was cancelled.

This is THE classic duo shot!!!  North American XB-70A Valkyrie in flight with a Convair B-58 Hustler. And the B-58 is a BIG jet. I've stood next to them myself, and it looks tiny compared to the Valkyrie in this shot.

Valkyrie The one of the world's most exotic airplanes, was conceived for the Strategic Air Command in the as a high-alti.

North American XB-70A Valkyrie in flight (U.S. Air Force photo)…

North American Valkyrie in flight (U. Air Force photo)… Airplane is always Cool.

In this undated photo, George T. Morgan (left) and Eldon “Al” Joersz stand by an Blackbird. (Photo courtesy George T.

North American XB-70 Valkyrie - Bing Images

Celebrating the aircraft designed and built on Long Island, along with some other planes I think are beautiful.

North American XB-70 Valkyrie

Valkyrie For once the fastest jet here isn’t a fighter. Also, the pilot in that red tailed Starfighter is about to have a very bad time.

Phoenix Aviation Research: A rare image of the only air show that the XB-70s ever attended. One at Carswell AFB in the 1960s

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