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animationtidbits:  Fire Emblem: Awakening - Concept Art

tyrfing-plus: “Scans I took a while ago for Lucina, Falchion, and Great Lord Chrom, and the Grandmaster class. These were from my Knights of Iris artbook!

Marth's Mask Tutorial: Fire Emblem: Awakening by Noiz-Bleu

Yes, I know it's Lucina, but I prefer to call this Marth's Mask Tutorial since she wears the mask while she refers herself as Marth. This was a fun mask.

I really like this picture of a young Gunter

“War and I go way back ” I saw this drawing of young Gunter by Yusuke Kozaki and I couldn’t resist

cosplay Illustrations fire emblem references fe13 lucina

ofthreadandmind: “ Do not remove sources. I am the designer who illustrates and theorizes these concepts, so whether it’s fashion or cosplay, these illustrations should still be credited. ” Lucina is the current cosplay I’m working on!

Niles Fire Emblem Fates / 4Koma Illust.

“I am Niles, a retainer to Lord Leo, The enemy looks to be quite angry. Don't worry—it will be.