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I don't think I would really know what to do, honestly.  But God I'd sure love the opportunity to know.

how it feels… chiari malformation.

If I woke up in the morning and nothing hurt, I would think I was dead. This made me laugh, but is so true.

Do dreams really come true?

I dream of deep long sleep . I dream of pain free days . I dream of understanding . I dream of compassion . I dream of th person I was . I dream of waking up to my old life to find that all of this has been a dream and I am me again.

Most every day.

pots/dysautonomia/autoimmune disease/invisible illness/chronic illness - & don't miss out endometriosis!

Life with chronic illness . better at handling it, tolerance for pain grows, we develop more mental & physical coping strategies & there's always the possibility of remission

So very, very true.  It's the way I live my life.  Only my closest friends and relatives know the truth.

Chronic illness, chronic pain, invisible illness - Saying that you're okay is so much easier rather than explaining all the reasons why you're not!


We Fight MS every day! We are Warriors! We're not lazy we do need to rest or take a day off to recoup.Most people don't understand Keep up your Fight!