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blue headed Pionus

The Blue-headed Parrot, also known as the Blue-headed Pionus (Pionus menstruus) . It is a resident bird in tropical and subtropical South America and southern Central America, from Costa Rica, Venezuela and Trinidad south to Bolivia and Brazil.

Fuertes’s parrot stretching wing

The Fuertes's parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi), also known as the indigo-winged parrot / Карликовый амазон андский

Rose-ringed Parakeet in flight. (Photo: Vladimir Kogan Michael/Shutterstock)

Go bird-watching at Ile Aux Aigrettes, La Vallee de Ferney reserve or Black River Gorges National Park to spot rare endemic birds like the pink pigeon, echo parakeet or Mauritius kestrel.


Funny Wildlife, Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot by SARhounds on.

Modest Tiger Parrot

Modest Tiger Parrot - West Papua, Indonesia & Papua New Guinea

Amazzone di Cuba - Cuban Amazon - Amazona leucocephala

Abaco (Cuban) Parrot, Abaco, Bahamas - a unique ground-nesting species recovering from the brink of extinction

peach cocatoo bird..beautiful

When it comes to birds, avid watchers know that you can never have too many bird houses in your yard. Birds appreciate these items during the nesting and