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Mattia Menchetti Gives Wasps Coloured Paper to Create Rainbow Nests

biology student Mattia Menchetti gave colored construction paper to a colony of European paper wasps

Mehiläisille, Mehiläispesä, Hunaja

With pesticides, parasites and climate change to worry about, bees across the country are in decline and often sick, which is why hives have bee

Bildergebnis für Насекомые

This is the Brazilian Tree hopper, or Bocydium globulare - a real living insect. Its other name is "The Bell Bearer"; the "Globulare" part of its Latin moniker stands for these utterly bizarre spheroids on the top (they are not antennae!

Cairns birdwing caterpillar  |nature| |wild life| #nature #wildlife https://biopop.com/

Cairns birdwing caterpillar - Incredible photography by JennyDean. Love these colors for enameling, colored pencil, etc.

Rainbow leaf beetle - found throughout Eurasia

You don’t usually hear about insects being endangered since they’re typically found in huge numbers. However, the Rainbow Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina cerealis) is an extremely rare species of bug that is only found in a few small populations.