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Aaron Kuehn’s Skeleton and Muscle Typograms - Free PDFs for Wall Art. A free and last minute present for someone studying anatomy or friends who love design and typography. Find the Skeleton Typogram here. You can print your own free PDF.

Try three papers...

Hey girl, I hear you have a paper to write. - Ryan Gosling // Hey Girl Ryan Gosling This is perfect!

Engineering Memes Facebook Page Highlights The Humor Of Being An Engineering Major

LOOK: Hilarious And Sad Engineering Memes

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How i feel in grad school

The picture says it all. Milli I FELT IN HIGH } Howl rm IN cones:. How you'll feel like after college High School College vs Llama dumb Einstein smart

Yes. I am in fact, sitting in class & looking at this.

Funny pictures about Can You Skip Class Today? Oh, and cool pics about Can You Skip Class Today? Also, Can You Skip Class Today?

Exactly!!! If you knew me you would wish you could put me in a sound proof box.

People in school are like, "why are you so quiet?", and I'm just like, "we're not friends". I don't usually laugh out loud.but his is accurate.