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This original design of the Cherokee Wedding Blessing,has the specific colors of the four elements& feathers in the corners represent prayers or blessings. I designed the calligraphy to reflect the Native American culture. It is the only one of its kind; available on jacquelineoriginals...

Cherokee Wedding Blessing, personalized and framed, a Native American gift with my original calligraphy style.

Truth. It is happening again, and not just here. We have to unite this time and stop the 1% who are destroying the planet with impunity. This is a huge fight and we must unite as the Warriors necessary to take down this greedy narcissistic beast #TheEvilWhiteMan and I only direct this at those whose vibration matches that of those words when they are strung together like that. Enough, it is time to unite.

This is sad smh.White men tell the children that their ancestors "settled" here when the truth is that they "invaded" us, they murdered us, and they raped us until we barely existed.

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Never Have the Animals Been in Greater Need of Human Compassion.by Chief Dan George.By Artist Unknown.

Check MUTABARUKA "The People's Court"!

Dude got lost, found a place people already lived, claimed it, tortured and massacred people, paved way for slave trade. How are we supposed to celebrate this sh again?