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Lamp Algen (2011) www.asselien.nl

Lamp Algen (2011) www.asselien.nl

Enlightened by Luis Tamani

"You find Peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your Life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level" ~Eckhart Tolle Artwork by Luis Tamani Amasifuen.

Beautiful paper sculptures... see them moving in the videos in despiertaymira.com

Matthew Shlian - paper sculpture {{this guy can do amazing stuff with paper, just phenomenal, I love it (gab) }}

"Molten" sculpture (Romain Langlois) - 9GAG

"Molten" sculpture (Romain Langlois)

Molten sculpture (Romain Langlois) I just enjoy the shapes of the negative and positive space.


Libra is the sign of partnership, symbolized by the scales. Gracious and fair, Libra is an easygoing friend and among the most social and popular signs of the zodiac.

Su obra I love the second to the last image where he's putting curlers in her hair

Artist Ron Mueck playing with scale of the human form. Elicits fear & wonder in me. Would love to experience them in person.

Black | 黒 | Kuro | Nero | Noir | Preto | Ebony | Sable | Onyx | Charcoal | Obsidian | Jet | Raven | Color | Texture | Pattern | Styling | Bolts | Collection | Pile | Gloss

A black and white photo of a bunch of bolts. The random assortment of sizes, and angles creating different reflections keep it interesting.

Alternately, we could interrupt the photo grid with large blocks of print pattern or color borrowed from the related season(s)

wall paint idea, except use light green instead of black. Playful triangles Art Print by Cecilia Andersson

Jamie North creates magnificent sculptures made out of cement, stone, marble, plants and moss. Evoking the feeling of remaining monuments of a long forgotten civilization.

These would be amazing in a retail display as well as stunning art. Terraforms 2014 by Jamie North

Lamp Dreadlock (2012) www.asselien.nl

Lamp Dreadlock www.

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