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Dolan twins...you see eyes and eyebrows on one side them you just see eyebrows

Dolan twins' eyebrows are goals.

So photogenic

grayson dolan, ethan dolan and the dolan twins image on We Heart It

I’m so crazy in his love ~U

I’m so crazy in his love ~U

Lmao but I still think he knew what they meant by daddy. I mean, he's seventeen

I think you shouldn't call him or Ethan daddy or comment dirty things. Remember that they are only seventeen. They are only 1 year and a few months older than me.

Haha This is my favorite picture!!!

I'm not even kidding this happened to me yesterday and my friends won't stop making fun of me for liking a guy who doesn't know I exist

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I'm free! (Btw I loved this vid on the dolan twins) Ethan getting his wisdom teeth removed


I got fetus gray lollllllllll❤️😂 what ever he will grow up and look just like he does know I hope

Imagen relacionada

Imagen relacionada

Lol too bad the twins are too nice to do that<<< facts

Lol too bad the twins are too nice to do that<<< facts 😂

Omg same everybody judges me for liking shawn mendes and them and the Grier brothers and the rest of magcon (they aren't in magcon but still you know what I mean) people judge me cuz they think I love them for their looks but I love them for their personalities like that post said the rest is just a bonus

I love the twins! They make people smile everyday even if they are faking the smile. They will do anything to have everyone of their fans happy.