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Apparently this is a phenomenon....

Donkeys are heart thieves! Add a cute baby goat named Colin standing on the back of a donkey named Jenny, oh, I shall die from cuteness!

Thank you:-) :-)

Eating flowers isnt that bad~ at least not if they are flowering herbs! Lots of posts about herbs and how to use them for medicine!


We can't wait for our Spring/Summer Tracks Walks in God's Nature and to see our Deer Friends again!

The poitou donkey from the France, a big Rastafarian donkey, was highly prized in the middle ages to pull rich people's wagons.

Photo of a Rug Donkey, native to Belize and Greenland. It's one of the rarest donkey breeds.

ctsuddeth.com :donkey baby love

I hope these critters are in a sanctuary and not forced to slave for humans


Guard Donkeys - Coyotes and dogs had been a major problem at the University of Rhode Island’s Peckham Farm, home to a prize-winning flock of Dorset sheep. Then the university bought Bonnie, a guard donkey.