Explore Percy Jackson Cabins and more!

Day 7 least favorite major Greek god/goddess: HERA!

Cabin two. I am only pinning this so that Hera doesn't curse this board. Even in camp half blood they had a cabin in her honor

Not saying that this is what it has to look like, but these are the cabin descriptions from the books

I was veeery liberal with how I took this cabin too XD Percy mentions the cain having a real grass roof, being light brown, and having tomatoes, roses, . CHB Cabin Four - Demeter

Here's an open chat, and the flags of camp! ~Riley

This is the Cabin numbers and the greek gods symbols. With Percy Jackson's camp (Camp-halfblood) all the cabins have names and symbols.

order of cabins in Camp Halfblood

Found this Camp half blood cabin layout map. Except it doesnt fit the book. The girls were the even numbers to the left from Hera's cabin. Iris is then on the wrong side and so is Nike

I'm pretty sure we'd be bragging about stealing the Declaration<-- Not if it was to the cops

Did you see this?

My personal head canon is that Cabin 11 has a supposed copy of the Declaration of Independence. It's been a popular topic of conversation at Camp Half-Blood as to if it is the real Declaration of Independence or not.

meanwhile in the hecate cabin - Google Search

We love you Drew. Just Kidding. But you other Aphrodite kids are fine. And Piper is still cool in my books.

So I look down and my dog is choking on something. My 4 year old sister runs over to her and spreads my dogs mouth open  grabs the piece of plastic out my dogs throat. My sister would make a perfect vet. or she's a daughter of Artemis! :)

Which cabin are you in demigods? I am a daughter of Hephaestus. Where are my brothers and sisters? Daughter of Poseidon, PRESENT!