In other words "you don't meet a girl like that every dynasty"

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. ~ chalkboard Disney inspirational movie quote art from Mulan

VALENTINE by lovemynails_ #nail #nails #nailart

VALENTINE by lovemynails_ #nail #nails #nailart

What the what????Pyura chilensis.... also a delicacy.

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Funny pictures about Very Strange Sea Creature. Oh, and cool pics about Very Strange Sea Creature. Also, Very Strange Sea Creature photos.

Eeyore pretty-pictures

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*"The Light of God surrounds me. The Love of God enfolds me. The Power of God protects me. The Presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is." ~New Thought Prayer of Protection

Sooo adorable I would love to frame this

Which Disney Couple Are You And Your Significant Other?

Which Disney Couple Are You And Your Significant Other?- Your relationship is like Mickey and Minnie's! It's happy, fun, and wholesome! You love each other very much and your significant other is your absolute best friend.

Easy like Sunday morning.... #HappySunday #PositiveVibes

"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." Whether you spend your Sunday relaxing, meal prep/meal planning or organizing your schedule, this quote is true!

Oh,!!! Finding Nemo.

Epic Journey - Finding Nemo is probably one of the most lovable epic journeys. Marlin and Dory search the ocean for Nemo. Despite all of the hardships that they encounter, they never lose hope and "just keep swimming".