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Rumple though "De que me perdí?" #OUAT #OnceUponATime

LauBay on

Rumple though "De que me perdí?" Well not everything's wrong but Rumple hadn't spoken any Spanish yet


let’s see…Will Herondale Percy Jackson Harry Potter Nico Di Angelo Sirius Black James Potter Zuko Jon snow Zach Gale….Shall I continue?

YASSSS! BAHAHAHAH #Oncers UNITE! | A moment of silence for Graham. May he please come back to OUaT even in just flashbacks

Once Upon A Time❤️ on

Humorous OuaT crossover with stupid 50 Shades, 'cause same actor for the 50 Shades guy who was Sheriff Graham on Once Upon a Time -- he has been Robert Pattinson'ed, poor guy.

Hahaha lol I can imagine

Henry-"Oh hey how'd you meet Emma",Neal-"I stole a Car and you?" Henry-"I stole my teachers Credit Card!" Neal-"That's my Boy"!

Ouat and wonderful ONCERS - I love the last comment. All magic has a price That why we have season hiatus

Ouat and wonderful ONCERS - I love the last comment. I've never been a huge Disney fan. Disney is wonderful but i always Prefer the ouat version!

Outlaw queen forever

This is just too funny. Outlaw Queen will rise! <---I hate Marian.