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“Your Brand is your Heart’s Song.” [video] | Rob Elings Digital Creative

“Your Brand is your Heart’s Song.

On the Creative Market Blog - Enter the Earth Day Poster Design Contest

Enter the Earth Day Poster Design Contest

These stones would look very intriguing  embedded into a wall or pathway.

Not a fractal per se.but definitely a spiral and I love spirals too - from Desktop Wallpaper Digital Art Stone Spiral Creative Commons

Mandala Inspiration


Stargazing is like Time Travel THE UNIVERSE POSTERS - Amanda Mocci #posters #design #infographics

Geometry design // Stargazing is like time travel. by Amanda Mocci

The 4 elements can be seen within the lotus. The seed (earth) Awakened by the sun (fire) The blossom exists in the air & lives within water.

Wow, I had something similar to this appear in a recurring dream I used to have. The center couple of sections spun around and floated up slowly. they were waxy in texture and illuminated from.

Sacred geometry 101... all the way down to the very structure of the alphabet, numbers, the Yin Yang and DNA as it relates the the universal set of geometries once considered spiritually sacred and now also recognized as the very structure of the fabric of space-time using a different method of knowing: the scientific method.

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