Ik bevind mij in twee kringen... een kring waar na afloop van een kinderfeestje een uitdeelzakje...

uitdeelbekers DIY (tuutsjes)

Give the kids closed cups. Get them at a snackbar than they are not so expensive.

Kindertraktaties met fruit. Druiven en marshmallows.

Kindertraktaties met fruit

Kid's won't eat healthy food? Make healthy food fun! http://livelovefruit.com/

Pirate bananas - what kid wouldn't want to find this in their lunch box?Pirates Draw a face on a banana, with eye patch and a big beard. Tie a napkin around the neck for extra tough pirate.

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These can be so easily made! I would love to try!

Panda Bear Cupcakes [Recipe & Tutorial] : so easy using chocolate chips for eyes, ears, nose + chocolate sprinkles for mouth! You can decorate store bought cupcakes as pandas!