Gaara in a suit

Okay, he looks pretty hot in this picture and if you don't think so then your taste in men is off - Caitlin<<< Gaara looks beautiful in every picture what do you mean

Kankuro "Ummmm....G-Gaara....I think... t-that's cheating..." Gaara, "Nonsense Kankuro, shut up!"

G-Gaara.I think." Gaara, "Nonsense Kankuro, shut up!"This is how a boss plays to win ;

Gaara, Temari & Kankuro

The Sand Siblings: Gaara, Kankuro and Temari - "Naruto". Gaara's always been my favorite!

HAHA, I love Gaara.  I'd give him a brohug, fo sho.  And maybe a brofist with an explosion at the end, too.

Gaara wants a hug / naruto / shippuden / sabaku no gaara meme. I'd hug him.