Taylor swift? No.

You are a gift from the gods! One the other side. I don't Hera will give us a so good thing.


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@Niall Dunican Horan <<< he is one gorgeous human.... Well gorgeous won't cut it... More like angelic. -Taylor


Dunican Dunican Horan <<< he is one gorgeous human. Well gorgeous won't cut it. More like angelic.

Wattpad: @unicorn11_v Twitter: @unicornia_18

Wattpad: @unicorn11_v Twitter: @unicornia_18

i wish i had nialls brain everything is so fascinating to him. even that ball


Niall Horan

You know, I'm really enjoing these jacket things he keeps wearing to every event...they look good on him and he looks cool

I truly know in my heart that this boy is seriously the one for me.

Naill has in real brown hair, i think so that blond better is 😅 QOTD: Wich number give you Naill?