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Sky High, Outer Space, Cosmos, The Universe

Outer Space, Sky High, Cosmos, The Universe

St. Louis Night in Space, Ben Zuckerman in Gemini Spacecraft, Adolfo Helmet, 1965 60年代的未来主义——让我们去月球旅行吧!

Dedicated to all things "geek retro:" the science fiction/fantasy/horror fandom of the past including pin up art, novel covers, pulp magazines, and comics.

Artists from the Soviet Union didn't just imagine a worker's Utopia on Earth. They also thought that the great communist experiment would eventually reach other worlds, too. Here are some incredible works of art and conceptual design that put the Soviet Union in space.

How Soviet Artists Imagined Communist Life in Space

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Final Approach by Arcas-Art.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This piece concludes our Leonov series for now, though we’ve been kicking around a couple more ideas for the model… since we sunk all that time into it!

Imagined surface of the moon as depicted by the famed Chesley Bonestell, curated for 'Stunning Images Of A Comet's Alien Landscape' article on the comet landing:  http://io9.com/stunning-images-of-a-comets-alien-landscape-1658759617?utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_facebook&utm_source=io9_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow

​Stunning Images Of A Comet's Alien Landscape

Retro artwork depicting what the artist imagined exploration of the surface of the Moon would be like.

Science Fiction Cover Art

Dragon t-shirt

Dreams of Space - Books and Ephemera

Dreams of Space - Books and Ephemera: Collier's March 1952 "Man Will Conquer Space Soon"