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Red dot...

World domination kitty.love the red dot torture! I mean fun ( evil laugh)

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Hell yes, So fitting for this wanna be smart ass who actually is a complete moron. Oh and take down your photo shopped pics of you graduating college. We all know they are fake you idiot. To get a degree you have to get up off your lazy ass and go first. ( To a certain Bullshiter who lies about everything, hell her entire life and existance is a lie)

Funny pictures about I'm going blind. Oh, and cool pics about I'm going blind. Also, I'm going blind.

Он слишком много знал

Funny pictures about He knew too much. Oh, and cool pics about He knew too much. Also, He knew too much.

Oh no! If you have a sassy kitty, come find out how they would benefit from veterinary house calls. www.vetpronto.com

Cat: I don't do touchy-feely, I do scratchy-bleedy. My grandmas cat. my cat same way oy! drives me mad but she so cute

Me and Lucy every night.

15 Purrsome Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs – The CATDOGS

Finding your pet in your face when you wake up. My dog Reese does this sometimes in the middle of the night lol.

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Then vs Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats' Lives (15 Pics)

I put his favorite blanket in the wash, he sat like this for at least an hour. - I haven't gotten my kitties favorite blanket back yet - hoping to soon!

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The odds of seeing three albino deer at once are one in seventy-nine billion, yet one man in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, took a picture of three albino deer in

Either that or he doesn't like what was served for dinner

This is the picture I text someone who doesn't answer my call. 45 Absolutely Hilarious Pictures of Animals to Make You Laugh