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Correct perpendicular pencil grasping using rubber bands.

Correct perpendicular pencil grasping using rubber bands. Why are our OT people not doing this, this seems stupidly simple and brilliant.

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A Good Pencil Grip Can Make All The Difference

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Pencil Grip Help: "Wrap a hair tie as shown. Kids get used to doing it themselves quickly. It gently forces them to hold the pencil in the open web of their hands and the pencil with their fingertips. Do this for a few weeks, then remove the ties. By then it's become habit to hold a pencil correctly. Kids that have weak fine motor muscles in their hands are going to struggle, so do strengthening activities. That helps with control and neatness when writing." From a friend's FB post.

* Pencil Grip Help: your children will be fastly used to hold correctly the pencil. Very quickly they will feel their motor muscles less weak and their fingers tip totally adapted to the writing tool.

Handwriting is often a struggle for individuals with an special needs. Those who lack fine motor skills such as holding a pen or pencil, will affect their handwriting. Pencil grips help children and adults become more successful with writing tasks.

These pencil grips that allow you to write much more stable and without feeling the uncomfortable hard wood pencil on your fingers

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These are different adaptations to writing utensils so individuals with fine motor impairments may be able to better grip the utensil. There are many different adaptations for writing utensils.