What color is your subconscious and what does that say about your personality? Let's discover now!

What Color Is Your Subconscious And What Does It Mean?

Moonset ~print by Starstuff on not sure if it's watercolor but that's what it reminds me of This sky gives me an idea for an upcoming sidewalk chalk contest. Going to do a whimsical scene with a giant octopus attacking a toy boat.

outdoor party perfect.

Saatchi Online Artist: Keith P Burnett; Oil, Painting "Time and Tide" purple sky.

Under the Umbrella by L. Afremov

love love love- i love this style of knife painting with teh rich colors- so often with rain. makes everything feel more alive and yet almost otherworldly at the same time. I feel like that is what art is supposed to be; hold up, knife painting!

Saatchi Art Artist Jola Mroszczyk; Collage, “THINKING OF MY MUM” #art

Thinking of my mum

Wow, this is beautiful Saatchi Online Artist Jola Mroszczyk; Printmaking, "Thinking of My Mum

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One of the most amazing oil paintings by artist Leonid Afremov…

Melody Of The Night - Palette Knife Landscape Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov Art Print by Leonid Afremov

Martin Klimas (b.1971, Germany) - What does music look like?    Like a 3-D take on Jackson Pollock, the latest work by the artist Martin Klimas begins with splatters of paint in fuchsia, teal and time green, positioned on a scrim over the diaphragm of a speaker. Then the volume is turned up. For each image, Klimas selects music - typically something dynamic and percussive, like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Miles Davis or Kraftwerk - and the vibration of speakers seds the paint aloft in patterns.

Painting with sound, awesome! The artist Martin Klimas splattered paint in different colors over the diaphragm of a speaker. Then turning the volume up, the vibration of the speaker sent the paint aloft in patterns.

Fall Leaves

Birch Oil Painting - Silver Birch Tree Palette Knife Landscape from Paula Nizamas. This painting displays a first-person upward view of a large tree whose vividly schemed leaves are undergoing their seasonal color change during fall.

Harto bien sabemos, que la muerte espera en cualquier parte; a cualquier hora llega y zas, se acabó. Pero mientras estemos aquí, llorando o riendo, desesperándonos o esperanzados, tenemos que vivir. Porque cuesta mucho trabajo aprender, pero cuando se aprende no se olvida, que la vida se vive y no se muere. Ya basta de morirse. A nosotros nos toca vivir viviendo. Vivir. Una cosa tan difícil y fácil a la vez. Tan difícil y fácil como quererte, y tener que decirte todo esto.” Jaime Sabines,

the most important thing is to be whatever you are without shame. -Rod Steiger artist: Mistivlav Pavlov She is so beautiful I love this

My style of oil/water color painting

BLUE MOON -- LEONID AFREMOV by *Leonidafremov . It's so cool that the only defined things are the poles, the person, and the street.