Mrs. Hudson, are you drunk? #Hamish Watson Holmes

Hudson, are you drunk? Personally, while I don't ship Johnlock, Hamish is so adorable!

PARENTLOCK - I like other actors as Hamish better than this one, but this story is cute.

I have a soft spot in my fangirl heart for ParentLock. Ollie, Eugenia, Hamish, Teddy & Rosie--they're all possibilities I'm glad I had the chance to welcome into to my mind palace.

Parentlock. I usually hate this, I think it's crap, but this has Moriarty in it, so that's okay.

Parentlock, I don't really ship it, but this has Moriarty in it, so that's okay. And as long as it's Sherlolly, that's okay too.

I actually think it's cause Sherlock wanted mycroft to be at the wedding so he placed him in "wedding attire"

Mystrade is not my division to ship, but now all I can think about for series 4 is Sherlock trying to get them together so Mycroft can have his very own Jawn.<<Lestrade is the goldfish Sherlock wants Mycroft to have. I don't even ship this!

"Gun safety"?! Hahahaha!!!!! That is the funniest thing I've heard all week!!!!!!!!

Gun safety lessons from Sherlock. He may be brilliant when it comes to solving a murder, but when he has a gun.

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