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Anthony Burgess: on the fate of the English language ~~~~~ Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa.

Black Children's Books & Authors "If you deny people a voice…Their own voice, there is no way you will ever know who they were.”—Alice Walker

when you deny 'people' a 'voice' by 'attributing' hypothetical or imagined meaning to all their words (dependent on false assumptions and unfounded accusations) don't be surprised when the end result is them having no 'voice' left

finding meaning #writing

finding meaning #writing

"Don't be afraid to write crap, because crap makes great fertilizer." -- Jessica Brody

Why I Choose Writing As My Coping Mechanism

Pen those great works!  Note: I don't like Martin Luther the Jew-hating jerk-ass, but he had his days as a monk...

Writing--a ministry everyone can do! We have opportunities to encourage others by mail, email, social media, book-writing, card design. It makes so much difference to hear an encouraging word!

yep.  gotta write it down.  (note to self.)

Snatch those thoughts, tie them down, and give them personality as soon as you can.

I write...

But more than that, I feel like writing when I am with you. That yearning is not there with another. DK why.