Evelyn - David Austin Roses

The Evelyn Rose! I didn't know Evelyn was the name of a rose! I'm so happy. This will be my tattoo for Ruth - David Austin Roses

LD Braithwaite

going between a couple of choices L D Braithwaite (Auscrim) David Austin Recommended Variety Patent No.


Tea Caddy Roses - Cherry Menlove Tea Caddy Roses, the perfect way to show off my home grown flowers indoors.

Desdemona .....English Rose - bred by David Austin #DavidAustinRoses #GardenRoses #ShrubRose

Desdemona (Auskindling) - A charming rose of exquisite beauty that has an exceptionally long flowering season, producing blooms from early summer until the first frosts (New to the UK and Europe,