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15 Creative Coca-Cola Bottle & Can Designs - coca cola bottles, can of cola

Coca-Cola launched a line of five aluminum contoured bottles called the “Magnificent or Five different studios from five continents were each commissioned to design a bottle. Those five continents are Africa; North America and South America.

Great Depression Era (1927) Coca Cola Ad "The drink that keeps you feeling fit for what's ahead"

History of Coca-Cola in Ads

what's white and red all over? ... i know this one.     coke abandons its classic red to save polar bears.

Coca-Cola Red Cans Turn Arctic White

i love coca-cola and the reason behind these white cans, but i thnk it is sp stupid why they are takin them out of stores.s-if ur 2 stupid to see it doesnt say diet then it shouldnt matter if its diet or not haha. oh and it doesnt taste different.

Very nice!  Em uma estação de trem, a Coca-Cola Zero, desafiou passageiros a ganharem ingressos para o novo filme de James Bond, Skyfall.  As pessoas tinham 70 segundos para atravessar a estação e desbloquear o 007 de seu interior!  Muito bacana!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded=RDiZOnzajNU#!

Coca Cola Unveils Limited Edition James Bond 007 Series – Cans & Bottles

Coke inspired by Space Invaders

Designer Erin McGuire thinks that Coca Cola should be making some cool video game themed versions of their popular coke drinks, and has decided to put together these cool Coca Cola Space Invader editions of the original Coca Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero.