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Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways. Not just tenfold but a hundredfold.

what you aim to achieve

Words of Wisdom of the Week

You need to understand that life isn`t what you`re given, it`s what you create, what you conquer and what you aim to achieve.


Don’t let people’s compliments get to your head & don’t let their criticism get to your heart.

A million miniscule charged molecules penetrating your skin and boring into that place in your heart where you can physically feel the sensation of an icy malignancy invading  the surrounding tissue with its numbing emptiness until your lungs must be reminded of their task or a melting into a warm buttery sensation that ever so slowly spreads into your limbs and trickles from your toes and fingers and lips. Thats how truth feels. Maybe heroin, too. I dunno. Ask around.

Sometimes a full lie or a half truth feels so right and true. worth acting upon. just ask the people of Germany. Feelings can be so fickle.

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Does not mean you should not share it with someone you love or the one person who has supported and encouraged you!

When you're busy creating your own fulfilment, you won't feel the need to seek it from others. (The Home of picture quotes)