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This happened to me three times the other day and I have a ton of places discovered already so it's even harder to find these updated places.

I HATE when I'm walking by someone and they start talking so I tune them out, JUST to see "Map Updated" at the top of the screen. I have NO idea wtf they were talking about!

"Dragonborn Problems: When the carriage driver asks you if you've ever seen any of those 'kah-jeet'. and you're playing a Khajiit.

Hardly a problem.  Instant banding together with enemies to fight the dragon.  Awesome moments

Or when you go to turn in one simple quest and end up fighting an elder dragon, a master vampire, the vampire's two throlls, two spiders, and two wolves.

okay, let's be real here, would a follower really be any help in this situation? ..... Well... I guess I wouldn't know since I've only ever had Lydia as a follower... so....

Marcurio is actually a huge help when I'm playing my warrior or stealth characters. As a mage, I take a tank like Stenvar or Vilkas/Farkas. I use Cicero mostly for laughs.

lmao, yess, I have done that and then there's no enemy. They just add that music for no reason to make you crazy!

Hearing the battle music and spinning around in mad circles looking for the red dot.

And he's always mysteriously disappeared by the time you get back down, the little bastard...

When I first place Skyrim, that frost troll OWNED my ass! I ran passed it like a pussy, HAHA!