Her expression is priceless!" The Queen normally has a say on what can be released to the Press, therefore this photo is AWESOME to capture this expression on her face!

*PRINCESS ELIZABETH ( To be Queen Elizabeth II) ~ February 16, 1939: When King George V celebrated his Silver Jubilee in 1935, he gave each of his granddaughters a pearl necklace.

HRH Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) wearing a three row pearl necklace, possibly the one she received from her grandfather George V.

How Do Britain's Two Longest-Reigning Monarchs Compare?

How Do Britain's Two Longest-Reigning Monarchs Compare?

Today, Sept Queen Elizabeth II surpassed Queen Victoria as the longest-serving monarch in British history. My homegirls right here.

The Queen As A Young Princess with her corgi

The Queen's Corgis Stole The Opening Ceremony Show

Queen Elizabeth II as the young Princess Elizabeth, with her corgi. (I've always thought being one of the Queen's corgis is one of the best dog gigs going!

Lovely picture of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret with Queen Elizabeth (later known as, The Queen Mum) in 1940

Queen Elizabeth I of England, consort of King George VI, with the couple's two daughters, Princess Margaret (left) and Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II), heir presumptive. Princess Margaret's pose here is simply precious.