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Welsh Cob Stallion

Tuscani Aramis*, Section D Welsh Cob Stallion. A chestnut sabino, his mane and tail are such a pale flaxen, he looks like a dark palomino.

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I have never seen this color combo, how impressive and great to catch the judge's eye.

red roan quarter horse https://feelmyvibe.com/collections/all/horse-paintings

Jason's Peptolena Strawberry roan Quarter Horse stallion by Peptoboonsmal out of a Smart Little Lena . Great grand sire is Doc O'Lena


Originating in Hungary of mostly Arabian lineage, it is given special status as a part-Arabian subtype in Arabian registries. Looks like my Ty😍

Georgian Grande Horse is a new horse breed being developed from crossbreeding the American Saddlebred on the Friesian horse and assorted draft horse breeds.

Another Friesian/Saddlebred cross-Georgian Grande Horse is a new horse breed being developed from crossbreeding the American Saddlebred on the Friesian horse and assorted draft horse breeds.

Color Of Fame - American Saddlebred Stallion.

Color of Fame. an INCREDIBLE pinto Saddlebred stallion. so stunning, that he looks almost surreal!

palomino andalusian lusitano for sale | Metallic Buckskin Dressage Lusitano Stallion | TripAdvisor™

Metallic Buckskin Dressage Lusitano Stallion ... click to see full size!

Any breed horse can be registered as a palomino as long as it is the right (golden) color. Palomino cant be recognized as a breed because the color is an incomplete dominate gene.

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Blood Bay or Mahogany Bay. I have never seen such coloring before. Quite striking.

A familiar feature in Olympic Equestrian competitions, a Hanoverian is a strong, robust and elegant breed of horse that traced its root in northern Germany. Considered the best and popular amongst European warm bloods, Hanoverian was first used as carriage horse, but was interbreed with thoroughbred producing more agile, athletic, and good temperament offspring, suitable for competitions. The horse colors range from bay, chestnut, gray, brown, or black. It stands to about 15.3 to 16.2…

Hannoverian, a warmblood horse originating in Germany, often seen in the Olympic Games and other competitive English riding styles, and have won gold medals in all three equestrian Olympic competitions.

equine-world: “Clinton 「Corrado I x Urte I」 Holsteiner Stallion ”

:)Hungarian breed horses Wonder if this is the horse Jesus will ride when He returns?

Knabstrup for Sale: Stallion, Leopard, 6 years in Oeversee, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (Caballo-ID: HA013313) | Caballo Horsemarket

The Knabstrupper - Knabstrupper horses were bred in Denmark as far back as 1671 when they were called "The Tiger Horses." In this royal breeding line came to an end. One of my favourite horses