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The joy little ones like him can have when they have nothing, materially, is so touching.

Keep these precious people of Africa in your prayers.so much heartache and tribulation that we never have to face here.

People in Africa don't usually have cars, they walk on foot

Baby Wearing it's one of the most beautiful thing to see dads wearing their babies!

Si nuestra risa es muy cara, somos muy pobres

Jump rope - This image means joy to me. We only see smiling faces and rope the fun is internal. That internal feeling draws us to play without hesitation "inherent attraction"

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A young Shan tribe boy, undergoing a male rite of passage in northern Thailand by Kenneth Bamberg by krystal

Tibet * 1500 free paper dolls for girls at Arielle Gabriels International Paper Doll Society also her new book explores her life as a mystic suffering financial disaster in Hong Kong The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles a unique memoir*

Tibetan baby in yak fur! Yak fiber wool has been utilized by nomads in the Himalayan region for over a thousand years to make clothing, tents, ropes and blankets. Photo by Alison Wright

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Craig Martin - Innocence at Angkor – girl at Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 2004

Wildlife and Warriors Masai

Wildlife and Warriors Masai

Myanmar - O calatorie plina de lumina, cu David Lazar

A Luminous Journey To Myanmar By David Lazar