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Forul roman, reconstituire.

The Roman Forum seen from the top of the Tabularium CE, Gilbert Gorski Permalien de l'image intégrée

Villa Adriana Tivoli Roma

Reconstruction of the Villa Adriana, Tivoli. The villa was constructed at Tibur (modern-day Tivoli) as a retreat from Rome for Roman Emperor Adriano during the second and third decades of the century CE.

Beautiful Almond Trees in Bloom in Northern Israel!   Just so pretty!

The beautiful almond trees are in full bloom once again in Northern Israel, and this year our mountaintop city is virtually covered in a blanket of pink and white blooms! The almond trees are the first to bloom, signaling that.

Cedars of Lebanon

The Cedar of Lebanon is displayed on the national flag of Lebanon and its coat of arms

The roman ruins of Sabratha in northwestern Libya (by dario lorenzetti).

Sabratha in the Zawiya District of Libya was the westernmost of the ancient "three cities" of Roman Tripolis. It lies on the Mediterranean coast 41 mi. west of modern Tripoli. The extant archaeological site was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in

Ephesus, Turkey. The front of a once great library still stands.

Ankara Turkey of this beautiful place in Ephesus Down Marble Street toward Library, Ephesus, Turkey--WOW

Armenian church downtown #Beirut, Lebanon Sourp Nishan where I was baptised.

Armenian church downtown Lebanon Sourp Nishan where I was baptised.


Naqoura, south Lebanon الناقورة، جنوب لبنان Photo by Charbel