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Meet Pebble! Modernica’s Newest Color in Case Study Ceramics

A Very unique a beautiful stand for plants , Meet Pebble! Modernica’s Newest Color in Case Study Ceramics

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24+ DIY Plant Stand ideas to Fill Your Home With Greenery

DIY Plant Stand ideas - Got a corner of your house in need of a pick-me-up? Wouldn’t a plant be just perfect for that space?

Indoor Cool Cactus & Succulent Projects-12

Indoor Cool Cactus & Succulent Projects

Zimmerpflanzen arrangieren

Zimmerpflanzen in Szene setzen

Suporte para plantas - blog Achados de Decoração


I have a DIY project for you today that is perfect for spring! I've been loving potted houseplants, but I'm running out of tables to put them on. So I decided to make a plant stand!

DIY West Elm Inspired plant stands for only $6.00! Easily adjust the size for almost any planter.

West Elm Inspired DIY Plant Stands

Modern Wood Leg Standing Planter - Cylinder - loving cement just now (affiliate link) (if you click through this link I will receive a tiny commission)

Plant stands

You just cannot place indoor plants anywhere, you need plant stands as well. There are some tips to choose the best plant stands for your indoor plants.

Ce support de plantes uniques, fabriqués à la main sera le complément parfait de modern à votre salon. Cette liste est pour un 7 h x 10.5(w) taille. Il ne vient-elle pas avec le pot en céramique, mais ce support s’adapte à des pots de taille de 6-6.5 de diamètre. Bon shopping

Handcrafted Wooden Plant Stand - This is adorable and I would love to have it indoors with a cacti or aloe vera plant like shown here.

For the past several weeks, I've been working on my patio and getting all  the elements of the look together. One of my favorite aspects I love most  about my patios is all the planters filled with an array of plants. My  planters hold a mix of trees, berry bushes, and plants and are placed  aro

Modern Oh So Stylish Planters

Modern Oh So Stylish Planters, fun planters that look good inside and out, plus sharing what to plant insde! — Chic Little House (Diy Decoracion Exterior)

tree trunk planters and candle holder

DIY Craft: How to Make a Tree Trunk Planter -

Are you interested in our Wooden tree trunk pots? With our Set of real wood tea light holders you need look no further.

Juego de 4 macetas pequeñas / macetas para plantas suculentas y cactus, diseño, hygge, geométrica y minimalista impresión 3D madera.  Aportan un toque de originalidad y modernidad a tus macetas de cactus y suculentas con estos 3 macetas pequeñas / macetas minimalistas y geométricas imprimen 3D madera.  No hay necesidad de replantar sus plantas o cactus, puedes directamente poner sus macetas dentro!  Sus líneas limpias, así como su material traerá una naturaleza secundarios, zen, mod...

Set of 4 small geometric and minimalist Pots / Planters Design Hygge printed in Wood perfect for succulent or cactus ! Original gift

Set of 4 small Pots / Planters Design Hygge printed in Wood perfect for succulents or cacti !

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Soma planters from Indigenus Planters, designed by Laurie Wiid van Heerden