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Love those ideas of free libraries. Take a book and replace it with one you have already read.

Female Portraits by Nom Kinnnear King | Cuded

Female Portraits by Nom Kinnnear King

Room of Books- I think I need some more books for that

It’s every bookworm’s dream to have an in-house library, so we’ve rounded up 24 incredible bookshelves you'll love! Check them out now.


Prunksaal Hofbibliothek Wien, State Hall of the Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria

The Old Butcher’s Bookshop, ParisLe Pont traversé_62 Ruevaugirard_paris

The Old Butcher's Bookshop, Paris

Bohemian Homes - starry-eyed-wolfchild: The Old Butcher’s Bookshop, Paris

Design a room in my house to be like a small bookstore, so you can get lost/hide amongst the bookshelves. Have comfy chairs scattered throughout

I love the smell of bookstores and libraries. They always smell a little sweet yet musty because of all of the ink and paper that are on their shelves, waiting to be opened and read again and again.

Yes Please, To the Oversized Pediment, Built-In Shelves, Stairs, Walkway and the Window, Oh Hell, the Whole Room!

Home library with staircase. lovely ') I want a library in my house when I grow up! ~ Well I would not say a library, but a lot of books, and something like that ↑ ^_^

Qualche libro sul mondo femminile che vi consigliamo per riempire quelle librerie: http://www.ledizioni.it/prodotto/calabro-confalonieri-comando-e-cura-cartaceo/ ; http://www.ledizioni.it/prodotto/luara-scudieri-oltre-confini-dellharem/ ; http://www.ledizioni.it/prodotto/j-s-imbornone-le-femmes-revoltees-di-moravia/ .

Parma storia al femminile - Parma - Repubblica.it